Wilson Electronics In Cell Phone Market Around the time Wilson Antenna developed the fiberglass Silver Load™ whip, Wilson was setting up a plant in St. George, Utah. This plant was under the Wilson name, But not Wilson Antenna. Wilson Electronics became the engineering headquarters and the production facility for the Silver Load™ whips. Wilson Antenna was family owned and operated as is the Wilson Electronics Company. With the rapid growth in Las Vegas, the move to Utah made sense, lower overhead and a better living environment for the family. But it was a well kept secret that Wilson was moving into the cell phone market. After the sale of Wilson Antenna, they introduced their new cell products to their CB dealer network. They manufacture through glass, NMO mount, magnet mount, and trucker model antennas. In addition, they're an importer of many high quality cell phone accessories. As they did in the CB market, they've developed highly efficient antennas for this market. And with the reduction in size, output of cell phones and now the beginning of a mandatory hands free legislation wave about to sweep the nation, cell phone antennas will be needed more than ever. The hands free cradle alone puts the phone at a lower level in the vehicle make marginal conditions worse. With increasing health concerns, getting the radiated power away from your head isn't a bad idea either. Nobody can dispute that the cell phone market is larger than the CB market, with enormous growth potential. Who knows, maybe Wilson Electronic can manage to capture a market share as they did in the CB market. They have the technology to accomplish this goal. Although we miss the folks that operated Wilson Antenna, we realize Jim made a good decision for future generations of his family. We'll be watching Wilson Electronics and wish them well © CBWI
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