Firestik All American Limited Edition Antennas
Firestik wasn't the first with the red, white, and blue fiberglass antenna. They were the first with these patriotic colors and the stars on top in the blue field. These are an excellent choice for us who wish to show our patriotism on our vehicle. Have you noticed the flags that have frayed from high speed on all the cars and trucks on the road. It won't happen to these antennas. These limited edition antennas from Firestik come with a 5 year warranty, just like their regular line of antennas. The come in 3 foot and 4 foot models, which are the most common sizes sold. They have the patented tunable tip with locking nut that makes these antennas so easy to tune. Firestick Antenna company has been in the CB business for many, many moons. The original name was Pal. Pal made the FireStik antennas, accessories, linear amplifiers, and VFOs. Please don't call them for amplifiers or VFO units. They haven't made them for overt 20 years. The amplifiers were tube type mobile and base. Like everything else they make, both the amplifiers and VFOs were top quality products. They only made them when they were legal through a loophole in the law. Once the law was changed, they stopped production of the amplifiers. The FS series of antennas are high performance antennas that rate better than all the other fiberglass units in the same class except for the Wilson line of antennas. Although the Wilson Fiberglass sticks have higher gain, the difference is actually quite small, you wouldn't detect a difference on the "S" meter. The difference isn't really worth mentioning, and if you want to show the colors of the USA, these are the best antennas available in the Red, White, and Blue color scheme. If you're using factory antennas that came with your big rig, now's the time to get rid of those imitation antennas. With one purchase you can increase your communications range and show your pride for our fine country. As Firestik Says "Fly Your Colors with Pride"
Firestik All American Limited Edition Antennas Firestik All American Limited Edition Antennas Flag Waving USA
The FS3-USA and FS4-USA are available at most CB shops including Bob's CB Shop
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