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2002 Model DeltaForce - Modification Update 1. Make sure DeltaForce is turned off and disconnected from power source!! 2. Take off speaker-side cabinet. 3. Find the CPU Reset Board located near the rear panel of the radio (see diagram below). 4. On the CPU Reset Board are 4 jumper positions (CON1 - CON4). Each jumper position provides a different frequency range and configuration. From the list below, select the desired frequency range and configuration, and move the jumper shunt to the corresponding CON. CON1 :10 Meter Only (28.000 - 29.699 MHz) · Default mode · All functions operate normally CON2 :10 Meter & Expanded Mode · At turn on, the radio defaults to 10 Meter mode. · For Expanded mode, press FUNC and then press CALL for 3 seconds. · To return to 10 Meter mode, repeat above steps. · For information on Expanded mode operation, see CON3 CON3 : Expanded Mode Only (25.165 - 29.699 MHz) · ln Expanded mode, the frequency range is divided into 10 bands of 40 channels each · Bands are shown on LCD display by letters (A through J) - Band E is regular 40 channel CB. To switch bands, press the CALL button (do not hold down for 3 seconds). · ln Expanded mode, either the frequency or channel can be displayed on the LCD. To switch between frequency display and channel display, press the FUNC button and then press the CALL button (do not hold down for 3 seconds). · 0n the channel display, the small number (0 - 9) to the right of the Band letter is the 1 kHz frequency display. Example: If the frequency is 27.405, then the channel display will indicate 40 E5. "40" being the channel, "E" being the Band, and "5" being the 1 kHz position of 27.405. · ln Expanded mode, the RPT and SHIFT functions do not operate CON4 : 40 Channel CB Only (26.965 - 27.405 MHz) · 0nly operates on the regular 40 CB channels 5. After selecting the desired frequency range and configuration, press the CPU Reset Switch (SW1) for 5 -10 seconds. 6. Reassemble the radio, connect to 13.8- volt power source, turn on and test. CPU Reset Board (200%) CPU Reset Switch (SW1)
Delta Force CPU Board Location CPU Reset Board
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