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Santa's Best CB Gift List The holiday season is here again. It came quickly didn't it? If you're like me you haven't started your shopping and probably won't until the last minute. Buying for someone with a hobby sometimes makes it easier. At least it narrows the possibilities. It's even easier if you're buying your own gift. Well, Santa's going to give us some gift ideas for our CB friends and loved ones. The list covers some of the best gift ideas from stocking stuffers to big ticket items. Leave this where your better half will be sure to see it. Maybe even mark some of the items you want Santa to bring you. Stocking Stuffers Mic Holder or Mic Hook $0.29 - $0.95 PL-259 Coax Connectors $1.19 - 1.95 PL-258 Coax Barrel Adapters $2.95 Mic Connectors 4,5,6, or 8 Pin $1.95 - $2.95 7 or 9 Volt Alkaline Batteries $2.59 - $4.95 Coax Patch Cord $5.95 - $9.95 SWR Meter $9.95 - $19.95 TriStar Radial Kit For 3/8 -24 Thread Mobile Antennas $11.95 Coax Switch Box $14.95 - $19.95 NT8000 Newtronics External Speaker With Talk Back $17.95 Uniden ESP-25 External Speaker $19.95 Medium To High Price Gifts Hustler IC1OO Mobile Magnetic Mount $19.95 Wilson Little Wil Mobile Mag Mount 300 Watt $29.95 Wilson 500 Mobile Mag Mount 2000 Watt $49.95 Wilson Trucker 2000, 3500 Watt $49.95 SP-la Speech Processor $49.95 Uniden PRO 510xl Low Cost CB Radio $49.95 Turner RK-56 Noise Canceling Mic $49.95 - $59.95 Astatic D104-M6 Power Hand Mic $49.95 - $59.95 Astatic 575-M6 Power Hand Mic With Tone Control $49.95 - $59.95 Solarcon A-99 Base Antenna $59.95 Road Noise EC-2018 Echo Mic $59.95 Wilson 1000 Mobile Mag Mount 3000 Watt $65.95 Wilson Trucker 5000, 5K Watt AM 20K Watt SSB $69.95 RF Limited TA-28 Receive Preamp With RF Gain Control $69.95 Anttron 305 Super Base Antenna (See New Products) $89.95 Uniden PC-66XL AM Mobile $89.95 Astatic Night or Silver Eagle Mic $99.95 Uniden PC-76XL Full Featured AM Mobile $109.95 Uniden PC-76XLWX Full Featured AM Mobile With Weather $124.95 Uniden PC-122XL AM/SSB Mobile $124.95 Astatic EchoMax 2000 Digital Echo Mic $139.95 RF Limited DF-4000 Low Pass Filter $149.95 Land Matic 8 Digit Frequency Counter $149.95 Cherokee AH-27 40 Channel + Hand Held $149.95 Uniden Grant XL Full Featured AM/SSB Mobile $169.95 Uniden Washington AM/SSB Base Radio $229.95 Uniden HR-2510 10 Meter CW/AM/FM/SSB 10/25 Watt Transceiver $249.95 RCI 2950 10 Meter CW/AM/FM/SSB 10/25 Watt Transceiver $249.95 Midland 79-290 AM/SSB Mobile With Detachable Face (See New Products) $269.95 Cherokee AH- 100 40 Channel + AM/S SB Hand Held (Due Out In Late November) $299.95 Cherokee CBS-1000 40 Channel + AM/SSB Base Station (See New Products) $329.95 Prices in this article are average prices and the actual price may vary. These should give you an idea and help you decide what's in the price range you have in mind. Bob's CB may be able to help with an item. Some of the products listed are in stock and almost everything else can be ordered in time for Christmas. The CB do-it-yourselfer is easy to buy for. Connectors, batteries, solder, wire cutters and wire strippers make great stocking stuffers. Radio Shack has a butane powered soldering iron for use where power is unavailable. It's Part # 64-2182 and costs' $34.95. 1 have one and it works quite well. It doesn't get used often but it's saved me on a couple of occasions, once I was able to repair my CB while on a trip to Florida. A CB radio is a good gift for someone that travels a lot. It serves as piece of mind for a newly licensed driver and their parents. Someone with a heath condition may get quicker assistance from a passing motorist with a CB than a cellular phone. You can purchase an inexpensive reliable CB radio with cigarette lighter adapter and magnet mount antenna for less than $75.00. Beware of the cheapy radios, the mics are lucky to last the 30 day warranty period. If a radio is used as an emergency radio, chances are it will be packed away after long trips and sometimes this puts more physical wear and tear on the equipment. recommend sticking with Uniden. Their low cost radios are high quality and give good service for a long time. As for antennas, Wilson is the best but the Hustler IC100 is decent .© CBWI
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