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Increasing Interest In CB Rumored In brief, the article covered how other radio services have changed technologically to better utilize the available spectrum and minimize crowding. Meanwhile CB hasn't seen any improvements since the inception of Single Sideband. Bill points out his monitoring has verified that the need for improved technology is essential "because 11 Meter CB is growing again." Evidently something is happening. How long it will last? It could be short lived, but I don't think so. With new CB products available and on the horizon, it's obvious the big money's thinking long term. Radio Shack has made big changes in this area. By increasing their CB product line, offering products apparently made by well known CB manufacturers, they're getting serious. When the amateur no code license proposal was passed it didn't take, them long to offer 2Meter and 44OMhz equipment. And they have increased the number of products in this area. They even carry a 70 foot crank-up tower by Hy-Gain! Believe me, they don't focus in areas of dying interest. Thumbing through their 1997 catalog looking at and reading about the new CB products it appears that Radio Shack may have changed their philosophy about CB. They are now offering a AM/SSB mobile again. It even has a 5 digit frequency display. How about CB mobile antennas with open air and oil filled coils that handle 1000 Watts. Is this the Shack we all know? They always seemed to have an extreme policy of not carrying products that promoted or implied the promotion of illegal activity. It may not be as big of a change as it appears, but it is an easing of policy in this area. I've never been able to say this before, but I'm curious about some of their new products and you will see product review of Radio Shack products in future issues. Also the following article can be considered a forth indicator to add credence to the rumor. © CBWI
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