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Bob's CB Reopens On January 27, 1996, Bob's CB closed the door of its retail store in Malden, MA for the last time. It took the promise of a substantial amount of sub-contract work to make this happen. It was to allow me the time and resources to develop other products while marketing the SP-la speech processor. With CB Radio Magazine as my advertising vehicle, the promise of contract work, my lease running out, and more space available for less money it seemed logical to pack up and move. Although sales of the SP- la are good, the contract work turned out to be about 25 % of what was promised. Resurrecting my old research from the CB World Magazine days, I decided to publish this newsletter. I had two products in the development stage. Developing and bringing new products to the market takes a long time. The demise of CB Radio Magazine put an abrupt stop to the development of an external SP-1 and a voice enhancement amplifier for receive audio. While hoping for a breakthrough with the contract work, I proceeded to look for a location where I could reopen the store and that would be well suited for all my needs. After months of searching I finally secured a location that will accommodate all my business needs. Overhead in the CB retail business is an important factor and can kill the best of businesses. Mail order is stiff competition in this field. Customers don't always realize that retail space is much more expensive than warehouse space. Also setting up displays and demonstrating or explaining products to customers takes time. As they say, time, is money. What I'm doing this-time is using second floor office sp ace for my manufacturing, retail, publishing and service operation., This will reduce the overhead to a reasonable level. Located in an area that has a high volume of truck traffic it offers better possibilities than the previous Malden store. It's one block in off Route 99 not far from route 16 and easily accessed from Interstate 93. See the map on the following page. I've always been fair with my pricing and always maintained prices well below the local competition. I will continue to keep my old philosophy of providing the best possible service for a reasonable price. The SP- I a and CB World Informer will still be available as always. I will add more products to the inventory. Complete service will be available on CBs, 10 Meter radios and accessories including amplifiers. All products and services will be available mail order as well as on a walk-in basis. Our open house will be on Saturday, December 7, 1996, from 9:00 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. We'll have free coffee and doughnuts. There will be specials on every radio and accessory. If we don't have it in stock, we'll order it at a special reduced price! © CBWI
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