New Products From Anttron ® This is the latest CB base station antenna to compete with the A-99. Dubbed the TNT, for the twist n tune type of SWR matching device, this 10 & 11 Meter antenna looks similar to the A-99. Comparing the two antennas, one thing missing from the specification sheet of the TNT is 17 - 10 meter coverage with an antenna tuner. It will cover 10 & 11 meters. Maybe this sacrifice gives it it's 10.9 dB gain as compared to the A-99s 9.9 dB gain. Of course, the gain over a 1/4 wave dipole is probably 3dB for the A-99 and somewhere closer to 4dB for the TNT. These numbers games started many years ago in the CB marketplace to give one company the edge over another, confusing the buyer because true gain was not quite understood by most consumers. The reputable companies suffered until they were forced to use the same rating formulas to achieve an equivalent gain figure to the competition. Following are the flier specifications of the Anttron ® TNT CB base antenna: TNT - 10 - 11 Meter Base Antenna THE IDEAL 10 METER BASE STATION ANTENNA ANTTRON ® (TNT) TWIST N TUNE FIBERGLASS OMNIDIRECTIONAL BASE STATION ANTENNA HAM - C.B. - COMMERCIAL THE ANTTRON® TNT COVERS FAR ABOVE AND BELOW THE TRADITIONAL C.B. CHANNELS (FOR EXPORT, COMMERCIAL AND 10 METER HAM BAND USE.) (2000 WATTS P.E.P.) THE ANTTRON® FEATURES THE TNT TWIN RING "TWIST-N-TUNE" TUNING, MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO TUNE THE INPUT TO THE ANTENNA AND OBTAIN THE OPTIMUM S.W.R. OVER A RANGE OF FREQUENCIES. RAISING THE RINGS RAISES THE FREQUENCY, LOWERING THE RINGS LOWERS THE FREQUENCY IMPEDANCE 50 OHMS. NOMINAL THE ANTTRON® IS A HALF WAVE OVER A QUARTER WAVE RELATIVE GAIN 10.9 dB - ENTIRE ANTENNA RADIATES D.C. GROUNDED FOR STATIC DISCHARGE TOTAL LENGTH APPROX 18 FT. - 3 - SECTIONS - U.P.S. SHIPPABLE FIBERGLASS CONSTRUCTION - COMMERCIAL GRADE - U.V. PROTECTED SO-239 UHF CONNECTOR If you need an antenna that will cover 80-10 meters with an antenna tuner, check into the Anttron ® 8010-B base station antenna.
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