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The third web issue of CB World Informer has been completed. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and find the information useful. Great care has been taken to insure the accuracy of the information within these articles. It was a challenge, to say the least, this past month to concentrate on CB radio after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. So many other things were going through my mind, as I’m sure was the case with everyone else these past weeks. It’s disheartening to know what we cherish most makes us most vulnerable, FREEDOM. We need to do what ever each and every one us can do to preserve this freedom. Be aware that we have enemies that intend to do us harm. Keep a watchful eye for anything out of the ordinary and report it as soon as you can. There were reports on a radio talk show of a party celebrating the terrorist attacks in E. Boston; I hope these outraged citizens reported the party. Anyone celebrating such mass destruction and the killing of thousands of innocent civilian lives in this country surely do not a support the USA. They should be investigated! Sure they have a right of freedom of speech, but if they despise us that much, why are they and for what purpose are they here! If they aren’t connected to any terrorist group in any way, the investigation will indicate this. Wondering what REACT had planned for their organization to help in this new crisis, I checked out their web site. Although there is information for what’s happened in New York and Washington DC there weren’t any new proposals to be found. While reading the reports regarding the volunteer efforts, it becomes clear that Amateur and GMRS radio was used. There was no mention of CB radio operators in this effort. When checking for local React teams in Massachusetts, there were none. This is disturbing, what if Boston became a target? Could CB operator become involved in a watch group? If communications were down, could CB help fill the void? There is someone trying to set standards for a new group called Citizens Radio Network CRN. This group would use FRS and CB radios. Both bands would have 3 channels designated for their operations. Of course, the FRS would be for very short range, but this is an inexpensive means of communications that many could afford in case of emergency. I suggest you check out the CB World 11 Meter Form http://cbworldinformer.net and scroll down to Citizens Radio Network. Please feel free to leave comments and ideas, this looks like a great idea. I’ve asked the originator of this idea to write an article for the next issue of CBWI and he has agreed. Also, there was a report on NPR radio that the government is looking into using NOAA Weather broadcasts for warning alerts. This makes sense, as the system of transmitters are already in place, it would only be a matter of cutting in on the regular weather broadcast with an alert. Many weather radios also have an alert alarm. Even the newer FRS radios include weather broadcasts and many have a vibrating alert alarm. This would interlink well with the CRN proposal. Bob F
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