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LP-100A Features & Specs · Dual Coupler Option. Allows one LP-100A to use two couplers, with auto-sensing and switching to the active coupler. Great for SO2R operation or when your transmit paths are different for HF and 6m · Several new menus for additional customization of user preferences · LP-100A now integrated with N4PY software · Graphic VFD display with high contrast non-glare neutral density filter · Front panel power switch · Large scrolling call sign screen saver · Setup screen for call sign entry · Setup screen for display brightness · Setup screen for screen saver timers · Dual 40MHz Processors · Per-band power calibration, user adjustable in 0.1% steps · Frequency counter - user adjustable per-band corrections of all parameters. · Only meter with Z, R, |X|, Phase display... not affected by local broadcast stations as antenna analyzers can be. · Super wide autoranging power range of 50 mW to 3000W, 160-6m... perfect for QRPp through QRO · Optional couplers for 5KW and 10KW · Only meter with Graphic VFD display. The graphic display allows for a solid bargraph with no gaps, and full screen scrolling screensaver as shown in the shot above with N8LP scrolling · Only meter with simultaneous bargraphs for Power and SWR (or Power and Ref Pwr) · Highest bargraph resolution. 90 segments gives 1% tuning resolution with standard bargraph range settings (adjustable) · Only meter that has a "sticky" bar to graphically show peak hold point even while bargraph is moving. · Fast attack bargraph will accurately display a single "dit" at over 100 wpm. Decay adjustable for Fast, Med, Slow · Active temperature compensation. Only other meter with this is Alpha · True 12-bit A/D converter gives <1W resolution at 2000W. 13.6 bit effective resolution up to 360W · Return Loss (RL) display of 0 to 49.9 dB with bargraph · Separate scale for dBm measurements, +15.0 dBm to +64.0 dBm with bargraph · Field Strength input covers the range of -15 dBm to +33 dBm (0.04 mW to 2W)... great for beam pattern and bench measurements · Peak to Average ratio screen. Allows accurate checking and setting of compression in your speech processor · Support within TRX-Manager for direct remote monitoring · Call sign screen saver - user programmable · Free Plot program displays SWR, Z, Phase, R+jX (including sign), reflection coefficient, Return Loss and Smith chart · SWR alarm with "snooze" mode for antenna tuning. Alarm has LED, PTT relay and audible sounder (which can be easily disabled) · Separate coupler with 50 ohm ports for uncluttered desktop - remotable up to 50' with appropriate calibration · Three autotanging scales with independently adjustable maximums · SWR display resolution is .01 · SWR error < .15 (5%) from about 100mW to 3000W, <.05 typical · Power accuracy is better than 5% at any frequency from ~1W to maximum, 3% typical with NIST traceable factory calibration · Power display is actual power delivered to the load ( Fwd minus Ref power) or traditional Fwd power · SWR Alarm system with set points for Off, 1.5, 2.0. 2.5, 3.0 and user setting. Audible & visual alarm, with PTT loop-thru & adjustable power threshold · Windows® freeware Virtual Control Panel for software control or remote control · Built-in bootloader to allow for firmware upgrades to be downloaded and installed · Conforms to FCC Part 15 A & B, ICAS and CE conducted and radiated emission limits, tested and verified by accredited lab
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Real meaurement equiptment for the serious radio operator.
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