First Issue This is the first issue of CB World Informer. Thanks for subscribing, I hope you enjoy and benefit from the information provided. Back in 1990 1, with the help of my wife and a friend, tried to get a full blown magazine off the ground. It was called CB World Magazine. The CB public & manufacturer's loved the idea. But we ran into much opposition from many CB dealers across the country. At the time the only way to reach the vast number of CBers was through the dealers and most of them wouldn't carry it. So before putting any more money into it, I decided to give up on my idea. When CB Radio came out I carried it in my store and hoped it would be successful. While supporting it I also advertised in it. Truly, I don't think they covered or could cover the areas that most of you want to read about. My goal is to make CB World Informer © a friend to the CB community and a place where you can find answers that will help make your hobby more enjoyable. If you like this publication, please help it to survive, spread the word not the paper. I don't want to spout off about copyright law. Just keep in mind, the more subscribers, the less the cost, the more information per issue. Feel free to give out the phone number and address over the air. It's 1-800-473-9708 and don't forget to mention we take all major credit cards. © CBWI
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