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New Products Not only are there two new products to report, but they're from a relatively new name in the industry, Cherokee Electronics Trademarked by Wireless Marketing Corp. I first heard of Cherokee Electronics less than a year ago when a customer came in to show me the new Cherokee AH-27 handheld CB. It was the smallest hand held CB I'd ever seen. It resembled a 2-meter handie-talkie in size, shape and quality. The AH- 27 fits the need of today's market with its small size and advanced features. It has 5 memory channels, 15 segment S/RF meter, dual watch, scanning and much, much more. Needless to say, the customer as extremely happy with his new purchase and suggested that I carry the product, but at the time I was pondering closing the retail store so I didn't. Now they have two new products on the way and are displayed on the next page. The first is the CBS-1000 AM/SSB Base Station CB. From the photo it looks like a variation of the Cobra 2010. When I called Wireless Marketing they insured that it's not the same chassis as the 2010. Here are the features listed on their CBS-1000 marketing flier: · 40 Channels AM/USB/LSB · LCD "Information Center" Incl. Freq. Display · 4 Watt AM, 12 Watt SSB Output · 10 NOAA Weather Channels · Fine/Coarse Clarifier Controls · Mic Gain, RF Gain & Squelch Controls · Dual Measurement Meters · SWR Calibration · Selectable Noise Blanker & ANL · 5 Preset Memory Locations · Auto Channel & Memory Scan · Power Option: 11OV AC or 13.8V DC The county of origin is listed as the Philippines. We've seen some good Uniden stuff from the Philippines. The flier also states many additional features. We all like additional features ... This looks like a product that deserves a close look when it arrives. The second is even more exciting, the model AH-100 40 channel AM/SSB Handheld CB. Yes, a SSB walkie talkie. This is one that I've been waiting for a long time. Back in the 70's midland announced a SSB walkie talkie, but I don't know if any were ever produced. From the picture it looks to be styled like the AM handheld that was mentioned earlier. The battery pack looks a bit longer and that doesn't surprise me with the extra peak current needed for SSB. The folks at Wireless Marketing informed me that the power output is 4 Watts AM & 6 Watts SSB. The battery limitation was,-stated as the reason for the lower than legal SSB power output. If you remember the article titled Mobile Linear Amplifier Selection & Setup in our September issue the real life graph illustrated the change in dB as related to power output. The fact that this radio puts out 6 watts compared to 12 watts means you loose 3 dB, but that's only 1/2 of an "S" unit, not much of a sacrifice for the convenience. The range will be much greater in SSB mode because sideband receivers are narrower, allowing less interference degrade the quality of the signal received, and are more sensitive than AM receivers. Here are the features listed on their AH-100 marketing flier: · 40 Channels AM/USB/LSB · LCD "Information Center" Incl. Freq. Display · Clarifier Controls · 5 Preset Memory Locations · Auto Channel & Memory Scan · Mic Gain, RF Gain & Squelch Control · Noise Blanker · Battery Life Enhancement Circuitry · Dual Watch Channel Monitoring · Instant Channel 9 · High/Low Power Selectable · Slide-On Rechargeable Battery System Once again, sorry for the poor picture quality...another bad copy. The county of origin is Korea, the same as the AM handheld I inspected almost a year ago. Some of the features are the same such as scanning and dual watch that leads me to believe that they're from the same factory. The CBS 1000 AM/SSB CB Base Station has a suggested list price of $499.95 and the AH-100 AM/SSB CB Handheld has a suggested list price of $349.95. Both units will be available in late November. Also they both have a 5 digit frequency display. A review of these two units is top priority! I'll let you know any information as soon as I have it. Wireless Marketing has other products and accessories such as a small AM Mobile CB Model CM-5, seven different battery related accessories, cigarette lighter power kits, speaker mic, three different HT carrying cases and three optional HT antennas. © CBWI Questions about the Cherokee product line can be directed to: Wireless Marketing Corporation 3701 Algonquin Road, Suite 750 Rolling Meadows, IL USA 60008 (847) 259-0641 (800) 259-0959 FAX (874) 259-0525 Update:
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