Solarcon I-Max 2000 The Solarcon I-Max 2000 is approximately 24 feet high, 6 feet longer than the A-99. This is a full-length 5/8- wave antenna. The antenna is a three-section unit with each section approximately 8 foot long. This does present a shipping problem. The antennas are packed 6 to a case. It just so happens that when measuring the outside dimensions of the container, the size is just over the UPS over-size limit and UPS charges for a 70 LB package, increasing the shipping charges substantially. The only way to keep the shipping cost down is for the case to be broken open and the individual boxes taped or strapped together. There is still an additional fee of $6.00 because the box is over 5 feet long. In addition, the boxes arrive looking as though the have been sitting around the shop for ages and may have been open because of the excess tape used to tie them together. When I try to explain the situation to a customer, I’m greeted with a lukewarm OK, but I know they leave suspicious, and I hate that happening. I wish Solarcon would pack them less to a case to alleviate this issue. Once the antenna is removed from the box, two improvements over the A-99 are apparent. First, the fiberglass is smooth with a nice polished-look finish. Second, the base of the antenna has a heavy duty mounting plate. Instead of the two u-clamps going around both the base of the antenna and the mast, the mast is held against the base plate with the two u-clamps going through the plate. This is a far more secure mounting scheme. Under high winds, the antenna can’t twist and lean to one side even though the antenna is 25% taller than the other antennas of this type. My CB shop I-Max 2000 was first installed in November of 1999. It’s mounted on the flat roof of the 28+ foot tall building, which is located in a wide-open area. Almost every day there is a strong breeze, and under storm conditions, the wind is ferocious. Last year we had some very tough snowstorms with heavy snow and high winds, some were so bad I was reluctant to look up at the antenna. Many times the antenna was bent over; so far, it didn’t look as if it could possibly return to its upright position. Amazingly, it is still up there in fine shape. Below are some photos the demonstrate the location of the antenna and wide open area the building is located in: Click On Photos For Close-up View.
I-Max 2000 From Front Of Boston Market Terminal I-Max 2000 From Side Of Boston Market Terminal Boston Market Terminal Left Side Of Building Boston Market Terminal Right Side Of Building
I-Max 2000 From Side Of Boston Market Terminal
I-Max 2000 From Front Of Boston Market Terminal
Left Side Of Building
Right Side Of Building
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