2018 XTR Setting Table
Echo Volume
Echo Delay
Echo Switch
Sound Effect
2 through10
2 through10
Stadium Sound™
8 through 10
8 through 10
Endless Echo™
2 through10
2 through10
Double Talker™
EC-2018 Xtreme™ Specifications
RF Limited XTR-2018 Xtreme™ Echo Mic This is the latest echo mic from RF Limited. As the name suggests, it's turbo echo to the extreme! In addition to the features of the EC-2018 Turbo, it has Cyborg™ Robotic Voice, which is another name for Alien Voice™, Endless Echo™, Stadium Sound™, Double Talker™, and a richer tone quality that can be best described as studio quality. To best describe the Double Talker™ effect I have to mention the Astatic Echo Max 2000™. It is the same as their Slapback™ effect. It is a one time repeat instead of a fading echo. Like the EC-2018 Turbo, the EC-2018XTR runs off of a 9 volt battery. I strongly recommend an alkaline type or if even longer life is desired, pick up a Radio Shack 9 volt lithium battery. Below is a table with the approximate settings for desired effects.
The most common wiring available is the 4-pin Cobra/Galaxy/Uniden, although it can be wired to any radio on the market today. I've also tried one on a Tram D201 tube rig. It definitely has a studio quality sound on this rig. I've also used one with a Magnum Delta Force, setting the mic and the radio internal turbo echo to different settings in order to create a different sound effect with, awesome results. The mic is so clean it works well in conjunction with other echo boards. They are available from Bob's CB Shop for $69.95. http://bobscb.com
EC-2018 Xtreme™ Front With Battery Ind. LED
EC-2108 Xtreme Top View
EC-2018 Xtreme Rear View
EC-2018 Xtreme™ Front With Battery Ind. LED
The EC-2018 Xtreme™ Also Has A Very Flexible 3 Meter Coiled Cord
The EC-2018 Xtreme™ Also Has A Very Flexible 3 Meter Coiled Cord
EC-2018 Xtreme™ Wire Color Code
Wire Color
Wire Function
PTT Common
Bob F EchoMax 2000™ and Slapback™ are trademarks of Astatic Corporation. All other trademarks listed are trademarks of RF Limited.
EC-2018 Xtreme™ Specifications
-25dB @ 1 KHz (at maximum output and minimum echo)
1 K Ohm
Frequency Response
150 - 3 KHz
Echo Frequency Response
200 - 3 KHz
Echo Time
2 Seconds
Maximum Battery
9 Volt Preferably Alkaline
Internal Noise
0.5mV or Less
Microphone Element
ECM Type
Below are audio samples of the different effects. Notice the difference in tone quality between the EC-2018 Turbo and the EC-2018 Xtreme™. All the sound effect were recorded with the same equipment at the same settings and with no equalization. The only difference is the microphones, and they are stock from the factory.
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